Post Publication Review

If someone is interested in this publication form, he must be aware of the fact that incorrect contents can be comprised.

The article won’t be reviewed or checked by the editor. Instead, a technical check is done and only after publishment an open review process follows. Hence, it’s possible that the article will get negative feedback. This process is used by the journal ‘F1000’. Many benefits, but also disadvantages belong to this strategy.

The aim of this strategy is to publish results, innovations etc. as soon as possible, before someone else is going to publish similar results/thoughts. With this Post Publication Review the intellectual rights of the contents and publication can be secured quickly.

Nonetheless, the editors make sure in the autonomous peer-review scheme that the information are not going to be copied and used somewhere else. This has occurred throughout medical history and as editors we can only precisely take care that this is not going to happen. The editors hope to prevent this dilemma.