We present:

The „German Journal of Medicine“ (gjom) presents a novelty concerning the German-speaking field of medicine. The intention of this journal is to promote bilingual mainly German-speaking young scientists and to enable German scientists, to publish articles dealing with innovative topics as well as results of German research in the field of medicine.

Who doesn’t know those obsolete und rigid structures within the scientific community?

Research groups begrudge each other in their successes and specific structures of publishers prevent publications dealing critically with certain issues.

In the Anglophone sector ‘F1000’, a journal founded by Nobel Prize winners, was established. It addresses innovative topics and allows researchers to give and get feedback in a transparent and open review-system after the article has been published. Thus, new results are not going to be withheld or even ‘stolen’ by other research groups what may happen, when they become available before publication because of the old peer-review procedure.

gjom offers  an original system with direct anonymous peer-review procedure or an open review-procedure after publishing the article. A technical quality assessment always takes place before publication.