Guidelines for Authors

Studies/reviews with a clinical connection principally receive preferential treatment.
Also theoretical studies should indicate a clinical connection.

Following articles are published:
Reviews (up to 5.000 words), Abstracts (max. 350 words)
Information and data about the selection of the studies are necessary. The Prisma-Protocol is indicatory and must be filled out.

Reviews should indicate the difference towards previous publications.
Invitation-review (unlimited amount of words as well as literature)
Case-report (1.500 words and 15 references without abstract)
Letter to the editor (400 words and 2 references)
Viewpoint (2.000 words and 20 references)
Original study (STROBE-protocol must be filled out and send)

An abstract (350 words) must include following paragraphs:
Introduction, methods, results, discussion, constraints and conclusion.
‘What is new?’ and ‘which consequences/recommendations can be drawn out of the study’ should be emphasized in passages before the introduction.

Chapter Methods:
An approval by an ethical review committee is obligatory. The observance of the human rights accordingly to the declaration of Helsinki is obligatory. If the study contains animal testing, the declaration of permission to conduct this study - allowed by the respective agency - has to be submitted.

It is crucial to present the results clearly and must be reproduced independently from the tables.
The discussion should include recent studies (or at least from the previous years) about the topic. There must be a clear connection to the received results. The current literature needs to be discussed and connected to the results.

Constraints must be emphasized clearly and openly. The clinical significance should be highlighted in the conclusion as well as the consequences.

In general
Photo material of patients requires a written informed consent of the related patient. The documents cannot be published without such a declaration.

A statement about the conflicts of interests as well as any support from outside organisation/companies is obligatory.

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